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Best Rabbit Cage: Top Choices for Comfort and Safety


Rabbit cages provide a safe and comfortable living environment for your furry friends. Ensuring your pet has the right home is essential for their well-being, as rabbits require adequate space, proper ventilation, and ease of access for both playing and resting. A rabbit’s home is of utmost importance, as it significantly impacts their overall quality of life.

Rabbit cages come in various sizes, materials, and designs, which can make it difficult to choose the perfect one for your pet. When selecting the best rabbit cage, it is crucial to consider factors such as its dimensions, build quality, and ease of cleaning. A suitable cage should provide ample space for your rabbit to move around and stretch while still fitting conveniently in your home. The cage material should be sturdy, non-toxic, and well-ventilated for the safety and comfort of your pet.

Furthermore, ease of cleaning and maintenance is vital, as keeping your rabbit’s living space clean and hygienic prevents health issues and makes daily management more manageable. Opt for cages with features that simplify cleaning, such as removable trays and easily accessible doors.

After extensive research and testing of different rabbit cages, we have identified the best options that strike a balance between comfort, durability, and ease of maintenance. Dive into our recommendations to find the perfect home for your beloved rabbit.

Best Rabbit Cages

We have compiled a list of the best rabbit cages available in the market for you to choose from.

MidWest Homes for Pets Wabbitat Folding Rabbit Cage

MidWest Homes for Pets Wabbitat Folding Rabbit Cage

The MidWest Homes for Pets Wabbitat is a great starter home for rabbits, offering durability, ease of use, and convenient cleaning.


  • Easy setup in seconds without tools
  • Versatile top and front door access
  • Simple to clean with a slide-out plastic pan


  • Wire material may be thin
  • Pan material could be more durable
  • Not suitable for larger rabbits or long-term housing

We recently had the opportunity to try out the Wabbitat Folding Rabbit Cage for our new furry family member. Assembling the cage was effortless, with no need for tools or connecting pieces. Within seconds, it was fully set up and ready to go. The unique design allows easy access through both the top and front doors, making it simple to interact with our rabbits and take them in and out of their home with just one hand.

Cleaning the rabbit cage has never been easier, thanks to the slide-out ABS plastic pan. Although the pan could be made from a more durable material, it was still functional and made cleaning a trouble-free experience. The cage also comes with a urine guard to protect surrounding areas from any splashes.

While the Wabbitat folding rabbit cage served as a perfect starter home for our rabbit, we did notice that the wire material seemed a bit thin compared to some other cages. Additionally, this cage may not be suitable for larger rabbits or as a long-term housing solution. However, it is an affordable option that provides a secure and comfortable temporary home for rabbits.

Overall, we highly recommend this Rabbit Cage for those looking to purchase a durable and user-friendly rabbit cage for their pet rabbit.

GUTINNEEN Rabbit Hutch Bunny Cage Indoor & Outdoor

GUTINNEEN Rabbit Hutch

This GUTINNEEN Rabbit Hutch is a great investment for rabbit owners seeking a spacious and easy-to-clean cage for their furry friends.


  • Four deep, removable trays for easy cleaning
  • Wheels for mobility, with four locking casters for safety
  • Multiple access points and large running areas


  • Wood may crack during assembly
  • Materials may not be the most durable
  • Possible need for additional protective covering on the wood

We recently had the opportunity to use the GUTINNEEN Rabbit Hutch for our rabbits. One of the impressive features of this hutch is the four deep, removable trays in both front and back, making it easier to clean without any leakage. The plastic quality of the trays is superior, ensuring durability.

This rabbit cage has the added advantage of being highly mobile. With eight wheels, it effortlessly glides wherever you need it to be. Moreover, four casters can be locked in place to provide stability and ensure the safety of your cherished pet. The cage offers abundant room for exercise, featuring two spacious running areas and a ramp that leads to the top platform. Furthermore, we found the inclusion of an opening roof and multiple doors to be incredibly convenient for catching and cleaning purposes.

During the assembly process, it became apparent that the wood might be susceptible to cracking, suggesting that the materials used may lack durability. We advise exercising caution when handling it during assembly and exploring additional protective measures to extend its lifespan.

All things considered, the GUTINNEEN Rabbit Hutch is a worthwhile addition to any rabbit owner’s arsenal, providing mobility, space, and easy cleaning. Weighing both pros and cons, it’s a good choice for those needing a practical cage for their bunnies.

MidWest Homes Deluxe Wabbitat Rabbit Cage

MidWest Homes Deluxe Wabbitat Rabbit Cage

The MidWest Homes Deluxe Wabbitat Rabbit Cage is a fantastic choice for bunny owners seeking a spacious and comfortable home for their pets.


  • Large living space for maximum comfort
  • Elevated feeding area and included accessories
  • Enclosed wooden house for nervous rabbits


  • Assembly might be challenging for some
  • Some received faulty screws
  • Water bottles might not be suitable for all bunnies

We recently set up the MidWest Homes Deluxe Wabbitat Rabbit Cage for our furry friends and were impressed with the ample space it provided them. It measures 39.5 L x 23.75 W x 19.75 H inches, allowing our bunnies to roam around with ease. Moreover, the elevated feeding area not only added extra room for movement but also helped maintain the cleanliness of their living quarters.

The enclosed wooden house was a great addition as it provided a cozy retreat for our rabbits, especially when they felt anxious or wanted some privacy. Essential accessories such as a hay feeder, water bottle, and feeding bowl were included, making it convenient for us to set up their habitat.

However, we did face some challenges during the assembly process. The provided instructions were not as clear as we would have hoped, and we had to rely on a video to get the job done. Additionally, some screws seemed to be of low quality, requiring replacement for a secure and sturdy installation.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that the water bottle might not be ideal for every rabbit, as some may prefer a water dish. This is a minor issue, however, as it can be easily resolved with a quick alteration.

In conclusion, the MidWest Homes Deluxe Wabbitat Rabbit Cage offers a comfortable and spacious living environment for rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas alike. Despite the minor issues faced during assembly, it is a reliable and well-equipped habitat that will surely keep your pets happy and thriving.

HBRR 61″ Two Levels Rabbit Hutch

HBRR Rabbit Hutch

We recommend this rabbit hutch for its durable construction, safety features, and spacious design.


  • High-quality wood and metal construction
  • Dual roof design for weather protection
  • Removable sliding trays for easy cleaning


  • Heavy at 55.11 lbs
  • Limited user reviews
  • Potential for late delivery

We recently tried out the HBRR 61″ Two Levels Rabbit Hutch and found it to be a solid choice for housing your rabbits. The construction is premium, using high-quality wood and metal materials, ensuring that the hutch lasts for years. Its dual roof design provides protection for your rabbits from rain and heat, while the non-toxic galvanized mesh keeps them safe from predators.

One great feature of this hutch is the removable sliding trays, which make cleaning a breeze. The multi-door design also allows you to easily interact with your pets. Additionally, the non-slip ladder ramp provides a comfortable and safe way for your rabbits to move between the two levels of the hutch.

The HBRR Rabbit Hutch is not only a safe and secure home for your pets, but it is also spacious. With overall dimensions of 61.80″ L x 20.86″ W x 36.22″ H, it can hold up to 2-5 rabbits comfortably. Despite being a great option for your rabbits, it does come with some drawbacks. The hutch is quite heavy, making it difficult to move around. Few user reviews are available, with one mentioning a late delivery.

Overall, we believe that the HBRR 61″ Two Levels Rabbit Hutch offers a great balance of durability, safety, and space for your rabbits. If you can manage the weight and potential delivery issues, it’s worth considering for your furry friends.

LANGXUN DIY Small Animal Playpen

LANGXUN DIY Small Animal Playpen

This LANGXUN DIY Small Animal Playpen is a reliable and customizable option for rabbit owners seeking a durable and versatile cage.


  • Strong and sturdy design
  • Easy to assemble and customize
  • Suitable for various small animals


  • Additional sets needed for larger space
  • Mesh doors might be challenging to use
  • May not be tall enough for active pets

Our experience with the LANGXUN DIY Small Animal Playpen has been overall positive. We found the strong and sturdy design of each cube particularly impressive, as they are able to support up to 30 pounds. The high-quality coated steel and encrypted wire ensured the safety of our rabbit and prevented any potential injuries.

Assembly was a breeze, thanks to the custom ABS connectors. We were able to easily build the wire mesh into various shapes and heights to suit our rabbit’s needs. Additionally, the nylon tie that comes with the product made the fence even stronger. Although we primarily used this playpen for our rabbit, we appreciate that it is also suitable for other small animals such as guinea pigs, puppies, and kittens.

However, we did encounter a few minor drawbacks with this playpen. Firstly, if you have a larger rabbit or require more space, you will need to purchase additional sets for customization. Secondly, the mesh door was somewhat difficult to open and close, possibly posing a challenge for those with limited dexterity. Lastly, the playpen may not be tall enough to prevent active pets from jumping out, so adding extra panels might be necessary.

In conclusion, the LANGXUN DIY Small Animal Playpen is a solid option for rabbit owners seeking a safe, sturdy, and customizable cage for their pets. Although it has a few minor drawbacks, its strengths – including its durability and versatility – make it a worthwhile purchase.

Buying Guide

When looking for the best rabbit cage, it’s essential to consider several key factors to ensure your furry friend’s comfort and safety. In this buying guide, we will discuss the features you should pay attention to when choosing the ideal rabbit cage.

Size and Space

First and foremost, consider the size of the cage. Rabbits need ample space to move around and stretch their legs. A good rule of thumb is to choose a cage that is at least four times the size of your rabbit when fully extended. The height of the cage also matters as rabbits like to stand on their hind legs. Make sure the cage is tall enough for them to do so comfortably.

Durability and Materials

The materials used in constructing the cage play a crucial role in its durability. A sturdy wire frame is often a great choice, as it provides excellent ventilation and is easy to clean. However, the wire should be coated to prevent it from harming your rabbit’s delicate feet. High-quality plastic can also be used for the base of the cage, providing a comfortable and easy-to-clean surface.

Ease of Cleaning

Rabbits are clean animals, and maintaining a clean cage is vital for their health. Look for a cage with a removable bottom tray or pan that makes cleaning the cage an easy task. It’s also a good idea to choose a cage that has ample doors and openings, ensuring easy access for both you and your rabbit.

Safety and Security

A secure cage is essential for keeping your rabbit safe from potential predators or escape attempts. Ensure that the cage has sturdy, well-closing latches on all doors. The spacing between bars on a wire cage is important too; it should be narrow enough to prevent your rabbit from squeezing through but still allow proper ventilation.

Accessories and Enrichment

Your rabbit’s cage should be more than just a place to sleep. Include toys, hideaways, tunnels, and platforms for them to explore and play. Providing mental and physical stimulation is crucial for their overall well-being. Ensure that the cage offers enough room to accommodate these accessories without making it cramped or crowded.

By considering these factors and features, you’ll be well on your way to choosing the perfect rabbit cage that ensures your furry friend’s health, comfort, and happiness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal rabbit cage size for multiple rabbits?

When housing multiple rabbits, it’s crucial to provide adequate space for them. We recommend a general guideline of 12 square feet per rabbit. So, for two rabbits, you would need a 24-square-foot cage. This will allow ample room for them to move, play, and sleep comfortably.

Which materials are suitable for a rabbit cage?

Using suitable and safe materials is essential in building a rabbit cage. We recommend materials such as powder-coated metal, heavy-duty plastic, or untreated wood. Avoid using toxic materials like chemically treated wood or flimsy materials that can be easily chewed through by rabbits. It’s also essential to use a solid floor and avoid wire mesh, as this can hurt your rabbit’s feet.

What features should an excellent indoor rabbit hutch have?

A good indoor rabbit hutch should have ample space for your rabbit to move around and play. Additionally, it should have:

  • Proper ventilation to maintain air quality
  • Easy access for cleaning and adding food and water
  • A separate space for bedding to provide a comfortable sleeping area
  • Secure latches to prevent escape
  • Chew-proof materials to ensure durability

How do I create a DIY rabbit cage?

Building a DIY rabbit cage can be a rewarding project. Follow these steps:

  1. Determine the size and design of your cage, keeping in mind your rabbit’s needs and available space.
  2. Gather your materials, such as untreated wood or metal, heavy-duty plastic, and solid flooring material.
  3. Assemble the frame of the cage using screws or brackets.
  4. Add walls and a roof, ensuring proper ventilation.
  5. Install secure latches on doors.
  6. Add a separate area for bedding, food, and water.

Remember to avoid using wire mesh flooring and toxic materials in your DIY rabbit cage.

Are multi-level rabbit cages recommended?

Multi-level rabbit cages can be a great option to provide your rabbits with more space to explore and exercise. However, the levels should have solid flooring to prevent injury and should be easily accessible with ramps or platforms. The ramps should have a gentle incline to avoid accidents and promote ease of movement.

Where can I find high-quality rabbit cages for sale?

There are several places to find high-quality rabbit cages, both online and in person. You can start by visiting local pet stores and checking their inventory. If you are looking for a specific type or custom cage, research online retailers and sellers that specialize in rabbit hutches. Don’t forget to read reviews and compare prices to ensure you are getting the best quality product for your budget.

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